A new name. A new team. A new commitment.


Paper has been manufactured on our site since 1853. Now that the paper engineer Dr. Clemens Bülow has acquired a majority stake in the paper mill the business is being reorganised with regard to production and quality. The fresh stimuli are a valuable and important extra for the staff at Tönnesmann Paper and are already influencing the new direction the paper factory is taking.



A specialist with competence and commitment.


Tönnesmann Paper is one of the leading producers of machine glazed paper for mailing bags and envelopes. Our special areas are recycled kraft papers with machine glazed surface, m.g. ribbed surface or m.g. basket weave surface.  Tönnesmann Paper enjoys an outstanding reputation for experience and flexibility, and our customers have top priority. Our standard production includes colour ranges according to customer specifications based on RAL and Pantone U specifications. Minimum quantities of between 1.000 and 3.000 kg (depending on the colour) are also no problem for our team, for this is an integral part of our customer service.



Outstanding products from sustainable production.


Our products are made completely from recycling material. The majority of them have been awarded the mark of the Blue Angel and FSC and PEFC certifications. We aspire to an environmentally-friendly, sustainable production. Thanks to our almost closed water circulation and effective energy management we have succeeded in minimising our emissions. Our sales staff will be delighted to send you further information on our certificates, documents and records.


You will soon be able to find and download our certificates here.



We think in terms of safe product solutions.


As a specialist in m.g. recycled kraft papers Tönnesmann Papier does not restrict its supplies to the mailing bag and envelope industry. As a producer of innovative special papers we have made it our aim to develop and produce paper to match your individual demands. Our sales team at Tönnesmann Papier will be delighted to assist you in providing a suitable solution for your requirements.


We offer ready-made papers for a wide range of different products, for example packaging papers, bubble envelope papers, bag papers, pouch papers, core papers (for textile and mailing tubes), laminating papers (for lining grey board and corrugated board), gift wrap papers, blotting papers, technical special papers, note box papers and papers for many other usages. Simply tell us what you require.




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